We are moving our meetings to 2 pm STARTING in November, 2018 till April, 2019 to see if we can get more members to our meeting for the winter months. HOPE TO SEE EVERYONE THERE!!!!!!

Gene Coonen
Post 2113 Commander
Apparently the proof reader (ME) did a lousy job on the news letter for the Veterans Day Banquet and the Mass.
We are not having a Mass on Friday this year it will be the 4:30 Mass on Saturday.
Also the meal will not be at Sports Corner as printed seeing as how Sports Corner no longer is in business, the meal is at Legend's as it has been for the past few years.
As Commander of VFW Post 2113 I would like to welcome all of the new members that joined our post this year if you have any questions please call me at 920-336-0968 or Pat Moran at 920-337-9922 home and 920-639-0922 cell.